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Can you name the last tome you finished? Can you name the last 1000+ page book you picked up and read only enough to consider its message? Hopefully, that was this morning in your Scripture time, but, aside from that, when was the last time you thirsted for a long day filled only with reading?

I will present a paper at this year’s Evangelical Theological Society considering the implications of literacy, influence of technology, and effects of primary and secondary orality on global gospel proclamation and ministry.

What are the issues at stake when teaching and preaching with words and propositions that cannot cross the cognition threshold of your audience?

Evangelicals ought to consider what the future of the book is. Has MySpace, Twitter, Facebook destroyed all hope for the future of the tome? I read an  interesting post and considered again the challenging future of all things written.

Listen to author Cormac McCarthy in his interview:

WSJ: Does this issue of length apply to books, too? Is a 1,000-page book somehow too much?

CM: For modern readers, yeah. People apparently only read mystery stories of any length. With mysteries, the longer the better and people will read any damn thing. But the indulgent, 800-page books that were written a hundred years ago are just not going to be written anymore and people need to get used to that. If you think you’re going to write something like “The Brothers Karamazov” or “Moby-Dick,” go ahead. Nobody will read it. I don’t care how good it is, or how smart the readers are. Their intentions, their brains are different.

Cormac McCarthy interview

Get ready; change is in the wind.

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    can we get a blog version of the paper? Sounds interesting.

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